Artist's Biography / Scott Walker
I am originally from County Durham where I lived before going to study Fine Art, (Painting) at Bath Academy of Art. I studied in Bath for four years producing large scale oil paintings and mixed media 3D work made from found objects. I also experimented in different types of printing techniques including traditional etching, lithograph printing and photography.

I was heavily influenced by the New Glasgow Boys artists such as Stephen Campbell, Peter Howson, Ken Currie and Adrian Wiszniewski as well as German Expressionist artists of the 1930`s and the Flemish painter and printmaker James Ensor. Whilst at art school I began travelling extensively throughout all parts of Europe and North Africa looking for wider inspiration for my work.

After finishing Art School I decided I wanted to do some voluntary work with people experiencing homelessness after speaking to a friend who had done a similar job. I came to Glasgow in 1990 to work with young single homeless people in residential settings and out in the community. Whilst doing this I also became involved in several galleries in Glasgow, such as the Art Exposure Gallery as well as doing some illustration work and commissions. I had a successful exhibition in 2008 at Glasgow`s City Halls displaying my work over a 4 month period in the foyer and café/restaurant areas. I have also been involved in `floating exhibitions` which entailed of one off exhibitions in unusual venues such as a Mixology School, Sports centre and dentist`s offices in Glasgow. During this time I was also involved in Glasgow`s West End Festival selling paintings and prints at the outdoor `Paintings on the Railings` event. This has allowed me to get a lot of exposure for my work throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland in particular.

I have developed my current style over the past 10 years relishing more and more in increasingly more detailed work. I believe humour and personal connections are a very important to the work I produce and I draw upon real experiences in my own life to create immensely colourful and sometimes intricate and detailed work to illustrate these events. I often create fictional themes in series of paintings developing stories and ideas over long periods of times. Hopefully the humour and vitality shows through in the images I produce.